Business Solutions

Kent Computer has many solutions available to solve business problems. Several popular ones are listed here:


Businesses today require their computer systems to be available 24/7. With our Easy IT service we have the ability monitor your equipment and be alerted to problems before they bring your systems down.

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Digital Video Recording Systems

New Digital Video Recorders store the video directly to a hard drive (not tape) and provide more storage with better quality. Therefore your new system will allow you to pull up any camera and replay a date/time in question for viewing, save snapshots or export the video for playback on another computer. Since it can be connected to your local network you also have the ability to view the cameras from any computer in the office and even from home.

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Photo ID Badge Printers

Security and ID badges are becoming a requiremnet for many businesses today. Controlled access to buildings or rooms is more common today and the need for proper employee identification more important. The Fargo C30 Photo ID System is the perfect all-in-one kit for business. It contains all the hardware, software and cards needed to start creating your own ID Cards in house.

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